JMAX Credit Repair

MAXimized Your Results

Our Mission

JMAX Credit Repair is dedicated to helping you re-establish yourself from a Credit Repair perspective as well as educate you on how to handle all associated issues such as aggressive collection efforts by current or fomer creditors, third party collections agents or attorneys.  It is not our mission to show you how to cheat or lie to re-establish your financial life but rather to show you the legal, practical and process ropes to walk through the Credit Repair process in such a way your credit file and your conscience will be clear in the end. 

What We Do

We first review your credit, then work with the bureaus to remove unfair and inaccurate negative items. We help monitor and prepare a custom plan aggressive strategies and conventional dispute methods to ensure MAXimum result to rebuild your credit.

Who We Are

JMAX Credit Repair is a business focused on one thing - defending your credit. Each time we help clients repair their credit report, we become better at what we do. Today, we’re a credit repair company with a proven track record and an unrelenting desire to help as many others reach their financial dreams.


Getting Started

Getting Started

Just complete our simple online signup form.

Within minutes you will receive an email with easy instructions on getting us a 3-bureau credit report.

Review and Setup

Upon receipt of your credit report we will conduct a line-by-line review, note your issues, and email you the list of items we have identified as dispute candidates for your review.

As appropriate, we will also email you a list of practical score optimization and rebuilding tips applicable to your situation.

The Dispute Process

We will challenge your erroneous items with the credit bureaus. They will send responses directly to you so you can see the results as they occur.

If the items challenged are not corrected we will automatically send customized re-disputes designed to maximize the probability of achieving the desired outcome.